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This is a VOICE CONTROLLED game. You CANNOT play it if you don't have a computer integrated or an external microphone.

Location: CDC Underground Facility. Sitting behind a computer desk, locked into the security room, you try to guide a scientist to safety as an accident caused most of the personnel to have unstable and violent conditions.

Plan Be is a 2D voice controlled, stealth game, that focuses on storytelling through voice recognition by allowing you to dictate the story's dialogue.


  • Voice commands to guide scientist
  • Keyboard/Mouse for various screen interactions


  • Voice Recognition allows you to talk to the scientist. Scenes in the story treat you as one of the characters and you have to respond back. You are not just watching the story. You are part of its development.
  • Think of various extra things to ask the scientist to get more information or find documents that unravel the story.
  • The scientist cannot fight. Help him avoid the enemies by hiding and running.
  • As you are in the Control Room you have control over the facility. Enable loudspeakers to distract enemies, open locked doors and guide the scientist to safe hiding spots.
  • Additional game mode: Time Limitation. In this mode you only have a specific amount of REAL time to play it and no save games. If you don't finish by then, the chemical will be released and the game will be over.


Plan Be 143 MB

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