A downloadable game for Windows

Notice Me Detective is a first-person adventure/mystery/exploration comedy game. The year is 1958. Step into the shoes of private Detective Buh, a private investigator at the Golden Fish Agency, as he is tasked to investigate crime scenes. Get reports from possible eyewitnesses, interact with the environment to find clues, provide help to victims or bystanders and draw your final conclusion for the crime. You only have in your possession your wits so use them wisely.


  • Non-linear gameplay and narrative
  • Contamination mechanic (contamination of the crime scene depending on the player's "disturbance" of the scene)
  • Change playable characters (3 different partners, one in each level)
  • Lots of Easter Eggs
  • Freedom of play (play at your own pace, interact with anything, talk with anyone)
  • Explore the environment to collect clues
  • Interact with other NPCs (get reports, help with things they want/need)
  • Complete reports, drawing the final conclusion for each crime.
  • Get rating at the end depending on your success of solving the crime
  • Pick/Throw/Drop objects
  • Jump/Move

Install instructions

Follow this link for a walkthrough and instructions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwxyv3uRuoWnM0llY3BZZmtWZXM/view?usp=sharing


Notice Me Detective.zip 170 MB